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Remedial Thai Massage

Revitalising the Entire Body

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Thai massage is an ancient massage therapy that focuses on circulation and pressure points. It promotes overall internal health and muscular flexibility through a series of exercises good for physical and mental health. The treatment involves a relatively rough handling of particular body parts, which begins with the feet and gradually moves towards the head of the patient. During this remedial massage, your body will be arranged into four different positions: face down, face up, side and sitting, to ensure easy access to every part of your body. Unlike other types of massage where you are asked to lie down on your belly and the hands of the masseur only focuses on your back, the Thai massage requires the masseuse to perform a variety of exercises that will need you to shift your position. However, you will never feel tensed or pressured during the treatment, because professional masseuses will handle everything the moment you step into the private room and you will feel only pleasure and relaxation until the end.

The remedial Thai treatment from Serenity Massage and Spa is proven to help reduce stress, relax the body, and increase energy applying a firm, medium hand pressure to your body to release tension then twist and stretch the body to loosen muscles and increase flexibility. We offer the best Thai massage in Sydney and Crows Nest, while all our masseuses are handpicked to ensure that our clients will leave fully revitalised, no matter how tense they were when coming in.

Thai Massage Movements – What to Expect

This therapy is renowned for its rhythmic compressions, gentle rocking and limbs movements employed to relax and realign muscles, bones, joints and energies. Pressure is also applied to various energy lines along the entire body, while the masseuse uses elbows, feet, knees and forearms to execute the strokes. This type of manipulation makes the Thai massage quite physical. You will need to expect close contact with the masseuse. In some situations, you will need to sit on her lap to allow a deep stretch. Although uncommon in other similar therapies, this type of close proximity is normal in Thai massage.

Maintaining Equilibrium – Crucial to Good Health

Thai therapy relies on the belief that people need to maintain an equilibrium in order to have a good health. This is why the strokes follow all Sen energy lines and passages through the body to ensure that your energy paths are unclogged. When the Sen becomes blocked, a series of aliments and pains will follow, while your body will lose its balance. This stagnation will greatly influence your overall well-being and health. Thai massage will act as an external stimulant, helping you release the obstructed energy and preserving the harmony inside your body and mind. During the massage, the therapist will carry all the work, leaving you feel more revitalised and happy than ever.