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Achieving good health through reflexology 1

Achieving good health through reflexology

Treating pain or discomfort can be done in so many ways, but one in particular seems to have been present throughout history and that’s reflexology. Indeed, this art is known in all parts of the world, being practiced by a great number of clinics and having already proven its effectiveness. On the reflexology Sydney market, Serenity Massage and Spa is a well-known name among clients, being thought of not as clinic, but as a refuge, a place of health and relaxation. Situated in the Northern part of the city, with highly-trained staff members who know all the secrets of the practice, this salon will help you discover the power and results of this treatment.  However, before getting to the benefits of the practice, find out more about where reflexology came from and what it stands for.

Where did it all started?

Much like other relaxation massage therapies, reflexology goes back into the past, during ancient times, to be more precise. Therefore, coming up with exact data is rather difficult. One can only speculate and it seems that the practice goes back to the time of the Egyptians. However, there are clear pieces of evidence that this therapy has travelled to India as well, because indications on how this art is practiced are found on the feet of Buddha statues. Somehow a book on this art managed to reach Europe. Some believe that it was none other than Marco Polo who brought the treatment to Europe by translating some pieces of writing into Italian. Still, theses are mere speculations. In all accounts, this art did reach Europe somehow, as a book on reflexology was published in 1582. Starting with the 1900s, more and more specialists began to take great interest in this practice. One name in particular seems to be regarded as essential in the history of this art. William H. Fitzgerald is widely known in this world, being thought of as the father of reflexology, in modern times at least.

What is reflexology exactly?

Reflexology is an art, a complex practice that can help patients fight pain and relax their body. Most people wrongfully believe that going through with such a session is really just a visit to a foot massage Sydney specialist. Things are much more elaborated than that. This art is all about pressure points, which are found within one’s feet, ears and hands. The confusion between a foot massage and a reflexology session is therefore understandable. One could associate the practice with a game of connecting the dots really, except that the dots are very precise pressure points and locations within a human body. Each pressure point is related to a number of afflictions. For instance, people suffering from headaches will discover that the remedy for their pain is found on their hands. By applying pressure to these points, the pain and discomfort slowly disappear, leaving the body perfectly relaxed. Unfortunately, this practice does not cure afflictions, but it can offer patients the means to effectively relieve pain. Also, because it is coping with other treatments very well, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the practice is used in the battle against afflictions like cancer or diabetes, asthma or anxiety.

Reflexology is a field that is currently growing in popularity, being widely recognized as an effective practice, with amazing results. When practiced adequately, the patients will instantly feel the difference, being permitted to once again enjoy their lifestyle, conducting normal activities without encountering any difficulties.