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Hot Stones

Hot Stones

The stress of the day-to-day life can take its toll on any person, regardless of age or gender. Whether it is work or relationships, even young people have to deal with stress, something that rarely happened in the past. With this being said, the tension that we gather during the day is always felt in the evening in our joints and muscles. Whether it is a small back pain that can be ignored or the fact that you have not had a good night’s sleep in ages, everyone feels the effects of stress at one point or another in their lives.

Aside from the muscle tensions, stress is also the main factor of diseases such as depression, ulcers and many other conditions that have become much too often these days than they used to be a decade ago. This is why hot stones therapy is something that all people should think of, because its benefits have been confirmed by many specialists in the field and witnessed by all those who have tried it.

The specialists from Serenity Massage and Spa will make sure you enjoy every moment of this spa treatment and forget about the stress at home and work and enjoy its effects on your body. We want your experience to be completely relaxing and our professional massage therapists will make sure you have a wonderful time. At our salon in Sydney, we have private massage rooms and you are welcome to bring a friend for a fun and relaxing spa session!

Small history of the hot stone massage therapy

Even though hot stone massage therapy in Sydney is considered a relatively new technique, there are records that show that it has been used in China, Europe and North America for over 2000 years. Hot stones were included in many healing rituals and their effects included an improvement of the internal organs function as well as protection against common health problems of that time.

Spanish healers actually used hot stone therapy to alleviate the pains of childbirth and pregnancy. These rocks were so popular that they were even found in Roman baths that dated from 27 B.C. Even though for a very long time this spa treatment was not used, it reappeared in the early ‘90s and it is now more popular than ever.

How do hot stones work?

Hot stones actually expand blood vessels, therefore improving circulation and the energy flow of every person. This in turn can bring many other benefits such as stimulating the immune system, improving the digestion or helping the overall detoxification process. Even though most people think that the hot stones are simply placed on the body, the therapist will use a combination of stones with different textures and weights that he will place on certain parts of the body. The stones can be heated differently depending on effect that needs to be achieved and during the massage a combination of oils and aromatherapy will be used on the targeted areas. The effect is almost immediate. At the end of the session the client feels rejuvenated and relaxed.