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Serenity Ladies!

Serenity Massage and Spa is one of the most professional salons you will find in Sydney. In addition to this, of all the spas in Sydney, we take pride in having one of the friendliest teams. Serenity staff is formed of well-trained therapists, who can deliver the most efficient and varied massage services: aromatherapy, Swedish or thai massage, deep tissue and sports massage, reflexology or hot stone treatments.

Each individual has complex knowledge about the human body and strives to offer clients the most qualitative massage experiences. In order for this to happen, the therapists can also offer you a customized massage plan, depending on the desired results.

Whether you are booking one of our many massage services via email or phone, your demand will be handled by a pleasant person. As soon as you step inside our salon, you will be welcomed by a friendly person with a bright smile, who will do anything they can to meet your expectations.