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Our Sydney spa offers a wide variety of massages and treatments, aimed to help you reach inner and outer balance. After only a couple of sessions, you will feel revitalized and ready for your daily activities.

Our Treatments

  • Remedial Thai Massage

    Traditional Thai massage is a merger between Indian and Chinese medical practices, between reflexology and assisted stretching. It is aimed to reduce stress, relax the body, increase energy and help you regain your well-being state. The therapy consists in a combination of interactive movements, stretches and rhythmic massage, along the body’s pressure points and energy lines. Our trained therapists will perform a series of moves, applying firm yet gentle pressure on your muscle, in order to eliminate tension and stretch your body. Remedial massage is often recommended when the muscles and tendons are damaged, stiff or tense, since it involves the recovery of full flexibility. This healing treatment is the perfect relaxation massage and can be customized depending on your needs and wants.

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    • Aromatherapy Swedish

      Aromatherapy, also known as the balance and harmony between the body and mind, is one of our most popular massage services. It involves a blend of essential oils and light moves that our therapists will perform in order to make you de-stress both the mind and body. We use a wide selection of essential oils, so that during the gentle tissue massage you can choose from relaxing, energizing and uplifting essences. As a form of alternative medicine, this therapy is often combined with Swedish massage and used to relief pain, enhance your mood and help you disengage from your daily worries.




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      • Deep Tissue / Sports Massage- copy

        Unlike relaxation massage, deep tissue and sports massage are performed mostly for medical purposes. We provide the best therapy in Crows Nest, consisting in the manual stimulation and manipulation of your body parts, muscles and skin. The treatment offered by Serenity Massage and Spa therapists is recommended if you suffer from chronic muscle tension or sports injuries. Our staff is well trained and can distinguish between deep tissue and sports massage, thus determining which option is the best for you. Depending on your health state and on the goals you want to achieve, our therapists can adjust the treatments, to meet your expectations. Book our massage services and we will help you get rid of pain and discomfort.

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        • Reflexology

          Achieving good health through reflexology 1

          If you need a deeply relaxing massage, then a reflexology session in our Sydney spa is exactly what you need. This therapy consists in applying the appropriate amount of pressure on specific points of the body, such as feet, arms or ears. Our professional therapists will target reflex points in the hands and feet, since these are coordinating the entire body, which will be more relaxed and de-stressed after each session. Reflexologists consider these points representative for the major organs and systems, so applying pressure on them has a beneficial effect on your wellbeing.

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          • Hot Stones

            Hot stoned massage is a popular service worldwide, but Serenity Massage and Spa offers the best therapy in Crows Nest. During the session, your muscles are soothed, tension is released and your body relaxes, due to the heat from the stones. This thermal treatment is aimed to reduce inflammation and neutralize tenderness, while also promoting a state of serenity. Stone massages vary, and we prefer to use basalt, due to its unique ability to retain heat longer than any other type of rock.



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