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Common conditions alleviated through aromatherapy

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Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in many cultures to alleviate various conditions and these days the practice of aromatherapy is more popular than ever, as more and more people are willing to give it a try. Aromatherapists can use oils to freshen the air in their salons, but they can also apply them on their clients’ bodies and massage the areas in order to obtain their full effect. Those have not yet tried this type of therapy and want to know more about its beneficial effects, here are just some of the conditions that can be alleviated with its help:

Common conditions alleviated through aromatherapy

Stress and Insomnia

So many people these days are stressed by their day to day jobs and suffer from chronic insomnia. This is how they get to abuse sleep medication and eventually need to undergo more complicated treatments and therapies to overcome their problems. Aromatherapy can certainly alleviate at least a part of these conditions. Imagine yourself in a beautiful salon room, in a peaceful atmosphere. Usually this type of therapy is combined with relaxation massages in order to maximise both their effects. It is a known fact that certain oils can prevent and treat insomnia and stress. Bergamot, lavender and chamomile oils are frequently used in this therapy because of their natural relaxation properties. This is the reason why lavender is present in so many bath and body products, because its scent induces a state of calmness and serenity.


Oils such as clary sage, ylang-ylang, lemon, orange and angelica and known for their beneficial effects when it comes to treating depression. Everyone has a few smells that they find comforting, but when you visit a professional salon, the massage experts will know exactly what type of oil to use in order to offer you the best possible effects.

High blood pressure

Essential oils can even lower high blood pressure because they relax the body completely. Oils such as tangerine, rose, neroli and others can be used to treat this condition, so those who suffer from high blood pressure can always ask their massage therapist to use the right oils during their session.

Lack of energy

Considering that most people spend their day in an office, trapped between 4 walls, only to arrive home and spend the rest of their time inside, it is understandable why at some point they start to feel deprived of energy, especially if they are not careful with their diet either. This is why those who want to recharge their batteries and feel refreshed and rejuvenated for once should try aromatherapy once in a while, because there are many oils that can offer them the energy they lacked. Oils such as black pepper, cinnamon, cypress and sage work best for this problem, but your therapist might recommend something else, to work with any other conditions you might have.

As you can notice, some oils are great for several conditions, meaning that everyone should pamper themselves with an aromatherapy and massage session once in a while. It will calm their spirit and alleviate many of the health problems they are dealing with every day.

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