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Benefits of reflexology

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You may not be aware that your feet are the ones that do a lot of work for you and you do not give them the attention they need. You should pamper your feet with a daily reflexology session, even if it will take only a few minutes. You should know that people from Ancient times gave a lot of attention to their feet and they developed foot massage that is nowadays known as reflexology. Massaging your feet stimulates your energy channels and promotes relaxation and healing. It is believed that every part of your body has a correspondent area on your foot and massage stimulates exactly the body area that you need. A session of reflexology is equivalent with a full body massage. If you want to experience the multiple benefits of reflexology, you should book a foot massage Sydney session.

Sleep well

If you have insomnia then you should massage your feet before bedtime. Massaging your feet in a relaxing and soothing way will make your body feel unwind, will relax your nerves and will improve blood circulation. All these will assure you a restful sleep.

Relax after a hard day

If you have long and tiring days, you should try Sydney reflexology. I will help you gain your strength back if you have swollen feet after a hard day. You will have a lot of energy after this type of massage because it will release the blockages that hold back your energy and relieve the symptoms of fatigue and stress.

Recover from depression

Reflexology is well known as a factor that improves the state of the persons that suffer from depression. If the source of depression is the death of a loved one, then sooth foot or hand massage will help you deal with the grieving period. Reflexology will help you balance the need of adapting to changes and grieving.

Forget about pains and aches

If you have neck pains, headaches, upper or lower backaches or migraines you should try foot massage to treat them. You may not believe, but if you have neck pain, massaging the toes and their joints will relieve pain and if you have migraines and headaches, you can reduce them by massaging the ankle. Pressure applied between the Achilles tendon and the outer anklebone will relieve lower back pains and thigh pains.

Getting help during pregnancy

While pregnancy, women may experience ankles or feet swelling, especially in the last trimester, and these are the effects of edema. Reflexology can help you if you have these issues. It is highly recommended that while pregnancy to have foot massage done by a qualified reflexologist. Retrograde massage with warm massage oil has only benefits for these problems because it encourages the fluid accumulated in your feet to return to the kidneys.

Obtain a low blood pressure

You should know that hypertension can be controlled with reflexology, because it reduces the systolic blood pressure. You should get massage for your solar plexus reflex to treat blood pressure. If you want to obtain an improved mood, lower blood pressure and less anxiety, you should get massage for your entire foot.

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