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  • Remedial Thai Massage

    Revitalising the Entire Body

    “Serenity Promotion $20 off for Feb for 1 hr visit plus 1 stamp for a further discount!” (ask for more details with our friendly staff)

    Thai massage is an ancient massage therapy that focuses on circulation and pressure points. It promotes overall internal health and muscular flexibility through a series of exercises good for physical and mental health.  (more…)

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    • Aromatherapy Swedish

      Aromatherapy – a look into the past

      If you had to use a single word to describe today’s society, then that would certainly have to be stress. Problems at work, angry people everywhere you turn, the speed with which everything unfolds, this is the modern world and coping with it is certainly not easy. (more…)

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      • Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

        Deep Tissue & Sports Massage Therapy

        Massage is a very efficient injury rehabilitation therapy that will not only speed up the healing process, but will also prevent future re-injury. Deep tissue massage and sports massage are the two most effective therapies that treat chronic muscle tension and injuries. (more…)

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        Serenity Luxurious Spa

        Serenity Massage and Spa is a professional salon situated in Crows Nest, Northern Sydney. Our spa is extremely welcoming and easy to find, since it is located near the reputable Crows Nest Hotel. As the name says, the salon is a serene place, full of tranquility and relaxation. As soon as you step inside, you can rest assured that you will get the will get the best services, because you enter a place whose sole purpose is to offer you the most qualitative massage experience.

        Whether you are looking for professional treatments or relaxation massages, our salon will offer you the best dedicated services in Sydney. You will receive a complete sensory experience, through holistic Asian healing therapies. Our luxurious spa is the perfect place if you need to disconnect from the daily routine and find the balance between the body, mind and spirit. Pamper yourself with aromatherapy treatments or relaxation massages, and you will be able to reach a serenity state. Our salon has a team of well-trained employees, very welcoming and friendly. They can perform the most varied types of massage and relaxation therapies, during enjoyable session that last one hour or two, depending on your preferences and needs.